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I am a very loyal person. Whenever I come across a product that I love, I would already ignore all the other brands. I’ve been using a certain brand for Nishka’s skincare ever since she was born and I never tried other brands, ever.

When I saw this opportunity to try Baby Care Plus+ Pink, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant at first. Aside from sticking to one brand, I have to be very careful in the products I let Nishka use because of her eczema.

Baby Care Plus+ Pink is the newest line added under their Baby Care Plus category. It has a mild, fresh baby scent in citrus with floral notes which will surely make your little one smell fresh.

And because it’s in my favorite shade of pink, I decided it might be worth a shot. The package they sent me included:

  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Shampoo
  • Baby  Care Plus+ Pink Baby Bath
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Soap
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Powder
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Lotion
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Cologne

When it arrived I immediately used it. And boooy was I blown away by the results! (Mind you, I’m allergic to BS so this is really an honest review of the product.)

Baby Care Plus+ Pink

I couldn’t believe that after using the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Shampoo, Nishka’s hair has been very noticeably smoother and softer! I was actually in denial at first because the brand I’ve been using for Nishka is way more expensive than Baby Care Plus+ Pink! At first I thought, “Well, maybe because I applied shampoo more generously than I did with the brand I’m currently using.” But no, after two weeks of exclusively using Baby Care Plus+ Pink shampoo, Nishka’s hair has been nothing but smooth and silky, which the brand I’ve been using ever since failed to achieve.

I’ve also consistently used the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Bath, and I have to admit that I love it so much! Summer has made Nishka more sweaty than usual but despite that she still smells so good! And aside from smelling good she is still fresh despite being very active the whole day!

For the baby soap though, Nishka only used it for a couple of days. Because I am now the one using the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Soap! 😀 Who told you that baby products are exclusively for babies? Haha! I loved how Nishka’s skin became softer when she used the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Soap, so I decided to use it personally as well! Hey, don’t judge! Mommies need a good product for their skin too!

I didn’t use the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Powder that much though. Generally, I just don’t use baby powder for Nishka because I think she’s too young to use one and she might inhale particles. I used it maybe a couple of times when I had heat rashes all over my back and it did help a little bit with the discomfort I was feeling.

I have to say that I’m really happy with the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Lotion and the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Cologne because it makes Nishka irresistible! I can’t help but kiss her all the time because she smells so good and her skin is very soft!

Overall, I’m very happy with the Baby Care Plus+ Pink products because I can really see changes with Nishka’s skin. It became smoother, softer and she definitely smells better! But I highly recommend the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Shampoo and the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Bath. 🙂

And now your little one can achieve a softer skin too! Because I love my readers so much, one lucky winner will receive a package full of Baby Care Plus+ Pink products! Here’s what you will receive:

  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Shampoo
  • Baby  Care Plus+ Pink Baby Bath
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Soap
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Powder
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Lotion
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Cologne

Yep! You will receive the same package I got from Tupperware Brands! Just follow the instructions below for a chance to win! Your prize will be for pick-up in the nearest branch in your area.


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28 thoughts on “Baby Care Plus+ Pink Review // Giveaway”

  1. I have always loved the scent of Tupperware Brands’ products for the kids. My girl might be a little grown up now but I would still want her to smell like a baby, that is why I wanna win these prizes from Everyday Nishka and Tupperware Brands.

  2. I want to win for my baby Amanda… 😊😊😊 She’s 5 months oLd and she Loves to take a bath… she Loves to giggLe and smiLe when bathing time… I used tupperware baby products before on my eLdest daughter, and I aLso want to experience the new Baby Care pLus + Pink… Since I Love the coLor and the way you buiLd up the product, I think me and of course my baby wouLd Love it… Im a stay at home mom and Im Loving it… 😊😊😊 God bLeSs… 😊😊😊

  3. As mother, I just want to give the best for my kids. Based on the review, the products promises great effect for the baby, like having soft hair. I hope to win to also let my kids experience the good things these products offer.

  4. Hi momshie 😍 your baby nishka is so cute and adorable ❤❤ thnkyou for sharing your every life with us and everydaynishka 👶. I hope ako po manalo s giveaway nyo me ans my mom is we really love the baby carr plus but we didn’t try the pink na subukan p lng nmin ia white and blue 😊 and we really love the fragrance of the baby plus sna manalo ko pra mtry nmn nmin ni mama yang baby care plus pink 😍😍 wala po ako baby pero ksi gustong guato ko po yung product n yan ksi ang bango po 😍😍😘


  5. I think this is a perfect for my Daughter who always play out door games, so she need stay fresh longer,and I wanna try Baby Colonge because it’s fruity smell, it help prevent dryness leaving freshly fragrant, fragrant is so mild. I love baby amoy scent.

  6. I would love to win,these products of baby care plus for my nephew,their products contains Lame soft which can protect our baby’s skin while cleansing and it contains olive oil.

  7. If I won this Baby Care Plus+ Pink, I will use it for my daughter Lalo ngayon summer, napakainit talaga ng panahon kaya kailangan talaga niya ng proteksiyon para sa kanyang balat. Sana manalo para ma try namin ng anak ko babae And I am pretty sure na okay at sakto ito para sa skin niya. because very gentle, mild and perfect for this summer days.

  8. Can I have this baby care products? I have two child and I haven’t tried any babycare products since I got birth to them. Thank you 🙂

  9. I should be the winner of Baby Care Plus+ Pink products because my wife and daughter will surely love and forever use these products. The lotion will make their skin smooth, powder will make them feel cool and refreshed, and a dab of cologne will complete their fruity and floral scent giving good vibes and nice scent whenever they go.

  10. Im excited to try these baby care products in pink. Im a babay care products user but havent tried to use baby care in pink.hope i could win for my kids.

  11. I would like to win these Tupperware Baby Care Plus+ Pink products for my baby girl. Because I want it to try to my little kisses. I’ve been using the Baby Care Plus to my eldest son when he was still a baby and Kids plus when he was a toddler. I love how it works on my son’s skin before. And for keeping fresh it and mabango the whole day. I would love to win this Pink edition to my baby girl and experience the same fresh and clean feeling like her kuya. Especially now that she’s making likot na. And the kind of weather we are experiencing now. I want Baby Care Plus+Pink to protect my baby’s skin and keep it fresh and dry from sweat.

  12. I should be the winner of the Baby Care Plus Pink because I’m a fan and my daughter is a user of the products. She loves it as I am sure that she’s well-protected. A trusted brand I use for many years now. The good thing is that it come’s in pink version now so my daughter will love it more.

  13. I love how the brand extend their goal to provide good and healthy living for the family including the little ones. I would love to win this package and have my daughter enjoy a fresh summer feel using Tupperware baby care plus pink. 🙂

  14. I love to try it for my kids,They’re not girls but pink is not only for girls right?I want them feel fresh always and stay away from lagkit feeling.

  15. I hope i could win for my baby for always softer and feeling fresh all day! <3 <3 i love its scent nand very calm for my baby sensitive set. Also it has complete set already 🙂

  16. I hope i could win for my baby for always softer and feeling fresh all day! <3 <3 i love its scent nand very calm for my baby sensitive set. Also it has complete set already 🙂 <3

  17. I want to win this Baby Care Plus+ pink product from Tupperware Brands kasi gusto ko ipagamit sa mga anak ko. Need nila ito Lalo ngayon summer para feelin fresh and mabango throughout the day. Kasi Hindi maiwasan ngayon summer na pagpawisan at magkaroon ng bungang araw, best ito to prevent it and maging masigla sila buong araw. Sana Lang po palarin. Godbless!!

  18. Hello sana po mabigyan nyo kami ng anak ko kasi na try ko na talaga to ßuper ganda pero wala po kasi dto sa amin nag deliver ar nag sale nyan kaya mahirap para sa amin…

  19. I should be the winner for the Baby Care Plus+ Pink products because my little girl use this and she really loves the scent of this product and it will be a big help if in case i win this giveaway bawas na sa budget so malaking tulong,thank you for the chance madam <3 <3 <3

  20. I will love to win this Giveaway for my baby zeiah! Please choose me sa isa sa mananalo pang gift nyo na din sa akin baby sa 1st Birthday nya ngyon daratin na May 12.. Gsto q tlga ng product nyo dahil subok na at maasagan lalo na sa mga skin ng baby..thank you so much for the opportunity..godbless you all

  21. I want to win this giveaway ‘coz I want to try this Baby Care Plus + products to my little one. Pink is not just only for girls but for boys too 😉 .. and I want nothing but the best for my little one 🙂

  22. Wow,what an fantastic & generous prize giveaway, my two babies would love this and me,thanks for sharing your blessing,,god bless everyday nishka!!!!

  23. Super cute and adorable ni Baby Nishka 😍like my one and only daughter ❤ sana ako po ang manalo para sa little Angel ko, to make her skin smooth and soft ❤

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