10 Signs You Are A Pinay Millennial Mom

  Every generation of Pinay moms has different ways of child rearing. Our grandmas had different beliefs and practices in raising our moms, and our mothers also had their own fashion of upbringing. Today, I would like to give the spotlight to my fellow millennial moms. We are the generation of awesome mothers who is […]

30 Aug 2017


I Was In The Dark For The Last Few Days

  I have been inactive both with my blog and social media for a few weeks. Because I felt sad and lonely, for no apparent reason. My panic attacks came back and the feeling of dread was a constant companion. I felt exhausted even when I just woke up. I was always cranky and it […]

9 May 2017


Parenting in Joyful Chaos by Stacy Taylor Book Review

The book, Parenting in Joyful Chaos, is very relatable especially for stay-at-home moms. It speaks about the ups and downs of being the designated at-home parent. While I was reading the book, I really felt the struggle of Stacy in raising her kids. The book shares how Stacy tries her best to provide equal attention to […]

23 Apr 2017


Baby Care Plus+ Pink Review // Giveaway

I am a very loyal person. Whenever I come across a product that I love, I would already ignore all the other brands. I’ve been using a certain brand for Nishka’s skincare ever since she was born and I never tried other brands, ever. When I saw this opportunity to try Baby Care Plus+ Pink, I have […]

18 Apr 2017


Cloth Diapering Negrosanons Does The Great Cloth Diaper Change

The Cloth Diapering Negrosanons are going to participate in this year’s The Great Cloth Diaper Change! The registration is now closed but walk-ins are welcome should you want to witness the change, attend the short talks, and purchase from our booth sponsors. There is a minimal fee of P50 per guest 7 years old and […]

21 Mar 2017


BFP Peer Counselors Training and Certification Program

Let your passion turn into power of information. The power to touch a mother’s life. The power to help and heal. The power to make a difference. From February 2017 to May 2017, trainers from Breastfeeding Pinays will be visiting different cities and provinces in the Philippines. This is our initial survey to help pool […]

21 Mar 2017