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I’ve ventured into business several times, and have failed miserably. For a long time I was hesitant to try again for fear of failure. But now that I’m out of the corporate world, I figured it was a good time to start over.

And the book Break Free by Don Soriano helped me big time.

I was very excited to start reading this book when I got it from the mail.  It was perfect timing because I also just started my online business and I knew that this book is really gonna help me manage it better.

And it did. You can actually read the book in an hour but in my case, I read it every once in a while because the book serves as my guide in my startup business. The book consists of 8 principles, and if you’re planning to venture entrepreneurship, these 8 principles is all the information you will ever need to start.

When I began reading the book, I was already applying a few principles in my life and it was great to know that I was on the right track.

This book is very down to earth. When I read it, it felt like Don was a friend who’s  constantly giving me advises on what to do to improve my business, my money-handling skills and my self. Yes, this book not only talks about money, finance and all that but it also talks about you. 


If you are starting a business, here are 5 pieces of advice that resonated with me the most which I got from the book that hopefully you can also relate to:

1. “The best investment is investing in yourself through continuous self-development.”

Yas, you wouldn’t have the proper business mindset if you are stagnant. The book explains why growth is important and why it’s the best investment you can ever make.

2. “Don’t quit your job because you think you have a great business idea.”

I work part-time as a virtual assistant and there were times when the business is really earning very well and I was already considering quitting freelancing job but this book gave me so many reasons why I shouldn’t yet. If you’re in the planning stage of your business, an idea alone isn’t enough so if you feel like quitting your 9 to 5 just because you’re feeling inspired, the book will tell you why you shouldn’t, at least not yet.

3. “If you can’t handle the money you have now, you won’t get any more. If by any chance you do get your hands on extra money, you’d always find a way to spend it all.”

This is where I struggle the most. A lot of times I overspend (especially when I see a super cute onesie for Nishka) every time I’m at a mall. I always end up impulse buying something which isn’t really worth the money. The book has one whole chapter specially dedicated for money management and this is the chapter I reread the most because I really, really need. To. Manage. My. Money.

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4. “Real financial freedom is not about the money rather the mindset that can bring in the money, preserve wealth and grow it.”

Before I got my hands on this book, I always thought that being financially free is having a huge bank account balance. But no, it’s the mindset. If you suddenly earned millions but doesn’t have the right mindset, one day your money will run out. Why? Because you only had the money, but not the mindset and skills to handle it. That is why financial freedom is about the mindset. Right mindset = Better money management. Once you have the proper mindset, this book will teach you exactly how you can attain financial freedom.

5. “Ask yourself not only what you want but why you want them. The why is a much stronger motivator than the what. If you remind yourself daily of why you’re doing what you’re doing, nothing can stop you.”

I recently applied this to my life. What I did was I wrote all my whys and placed them where I can see them everyday. I put it in post-its and placed them on my desk so I can read them everyday to keep me motivated. The book explains why you need to master your own self in order to be successful.

Those are just 5 juicy pieces of advice I got from the book, but there are a lot more. That is why you need to have your own copy of the book. You can check out Don Soriano’s Facebook page HERE to purchase the book. What’s more is that he also offers free finance coaching, so head on to his page now!

Do I recommend this book? ABSOLUTELY.

This book is literally my blueprint for my startup business!

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