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Breastfeeding Daily- DAY FIVE

Yehey! Your baby is about to turn a week old! Advance happy weeksary mommy! By now I’m assuming you and baby are settled already. Observe your little one’s behavior so you both can be on a schedule. Honestly though in my experience, Nishka never followed a schedule even until now! Hahaha. Sometimes she wakes up early, sometimes she doesn’t. She is so unpredictable!

Anyway, I wish you all the best mommy! This will be my last post about this thread. I also have all 5 blog posts in one ebook! If you want to download a copy, click HERE.

Learn more about what to expect on the fifth day of your breastfeeding journey, read on below.

Day 5 and Beyond


Breastfeed: Baby should breastfeed 8-12 times a day for a total of 15-45 minutes per feed. Finish the first breast before switching sides. Baby will eat 1.5 to 2 ounces at each feeding and this amount will gradually increase as baby grows.

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Body Changes: Your breasts may be feeling fuller, tender, and swollen. Apply ice packs to breasts between feeds to relieve swelling which should resolve in a few days. Nipple soreness should be resolving.

Baby’s Behavior: Baby will appear more content after feedings and fall asleep at the breast.

Diaper Counts: Until about 3-4 months, baby should stool 3 times per day and have at least 6 very wet diapers everyday. Stools will be orange/gold.

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