Hi there, mommy! How are you holding up so far? For today I talk about what changes to expect in your body and what to expect from your baby on the second day of your breastfeeding journey.

I’m hoping by now you are well-rested and have eaten already. For the second day, some babies, especially males, are fussy and hard to settle on the second night of life. This is totally normal, your baby is still adjusting from being taken out from your womb. Remain calm and make sure you have someone on your side to assist you with your needs.

A good indicator if baby is getting milk is counting the number of soiled diapers. If your baby pooped or peed already, then your baby has fed, even if you don’t see any milk coming out. So again, DON’T PANIC. Don’t give your baby formula as it will only delay your milk to come out. Breast milk follows the rule of demand and supply.

In my case, Nishka didn’t poop until the second day and I was freaking out already. My milk eventually came out on the third day, I was about to give in to feeding her formula and I was crying already. But it just suddenly came out and all my worries disappeared. 

Don’t be like me, stressing will only do you harm. Stress can affect your supply and will  only delay your milk. Relax and just wait.

In case you missed it, here’s my blog post on what you are going to expect on the first day of your breastfeeding journey. Also, here are my 10 reasons why I chose to breastfeed Nishka.

(24-48 Hours)
“Day of Learning”

Take this day to practice positioning latching your baby. You may need to try different approaches. Be patient, you are both learning.

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Breastfeed: At least 8 feeds today, every 1-3 hours. Baby will eat less than 1/2 once per feeding session. Offer one or both breasts for as long as baby desires.

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Body Changes: Continued uterine cramping may be felt. Nipples may be getting tender. This is normal. Continue to learn correct latching procedures. Learn to “sandwich” your breast for better latches. Breasts may be feeling fuller and tender.

Baby’s Behavior: Baby may want to feed more often and this is normal. Allow baby to feed as long as she likes so long as you are comfortable. Skin to skin contact is helpful in stimulating your milk production. Wake up a sleepy baby to feed regularly.

Diaper Counts: At least 2 stool diapers and 2 wet diapers on Day 2. Stools will be black/dark green.

  What to Expect on the Second Day of Your Breastfeeding Journey

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