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In this post, I share the accident Nishka had and why I got rid of the baby walker for good.

It was on a Monday. Mark left to buy something, I was in the bedroom while Nishka was on her walker in the living room. Then all of a sudden, I hear a loud thud and I immediately knew it was her.

The walker tipped because Mark left the front door open, it had two steps of stairs. When I saw her, she was still inside the walker but already my mind is screaming at me blaming me for my negligence for what happened.

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Nishka didn’t cry that much but I still brought her to the hospital just to make sure nothing serious happened. The nurse advised us to go home and just observe her, she was normal for the rest of the day.

But on the next day when she woke up from her afternoon nap, she vomited a lot and she was crying. I hurriedly took the car keys, some cash, my ATM card, Nishka’s health insurance card and went back to the hospital. She was still vomiting while we were on the car and I was about to burst, again a voice in my head was blaming me. How could I let this happen to my baby?

We stayed in the emergency room for more than an hour. The doctors monitored her closely and told us Nishka had to undergo a CBC blood test and a skull x-ray. At this point I was already crying and shaking, I was blaming myself and I was so mad at Mark for forgetting to close the door. My poor baby was crying very hard when nurses took blood from her for the test, I couldn’t bear to look at her so I went outside of the room and went back when it was over.

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She vomited four times but after that she was fine. The doctor cancelled the skull x-ray because she seemed okay already but Nishka was still admitted just to double check. The whole time we were in the hospital, I swore to never put her back in her walker. The voice inside kept telling me that I was a bad mom, my carelessness took a toll on her.

Mark comforted me, my family was there for me. They told me that things like this happen, and it’s really unavoidable sometimes. After a couple of hours I started feeling okay, my anxiety is slowly leaving me. But that did not change my decision to avoid using the walker for good. So I started researching about the dangers of walkers and the results were astonishingly plenty, in fact I found out that the sale of baby walkers in Canada is banned.

There were countless accounts of accidents caused by walkers. It allows mobility faster than parents’ reaction time, even with supervision accidents can still happen. But aside from reported accidents and injuries from walkers, I found out more significant information about baby walkers that has backed up my decision to stop using it even more.

You might be surprised by this but walkers won’t actually help your baby walk. In fact, using one may even delay her motor development. It’s important not to skip any developmental milestones such as learning to roll, crawl and sit and using a walker may cause for your baby to miss these milestones.

What’s more surprising is this: walkers may cause delay in baby’s mental development. Based on a research, no-walker babies had the highest average score, followed by babies who used see-feet walkers and those who used newer walkers. (Retrieved from

My decision to stop using the walker have been triggered by guilt and have been strongly supported by the information I got from my research. But I’m not saying using a walker is entirely bad, there are advantages too. But in my case, I just wouldn’t risk it, for me the disadvantages outweighs the advantages.

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