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I have been inactive both with my blog and social media for a few weeks. Because I felt sad and lonely, for no apparent reason. My panic attacks came back and the feeling of dread was a constant companion. I felt exhausted even when I just woke up. I was always cranky and it came to a point where I almost, almost hit Nishka for crying.

That’s when I realized that things needed to change, this couldn’t go on. Whatever it is that I’m going through, it should stop. That’s when I told my partner that we really needed to hire a helper.

Everyday was a struggle, I always had a lot to do and I end up not doing anything because there’s just so many on my list and I feel so overwhelmed that I end up crying.

I’ve always bragged about not being “yaya-free” and doing all the chores while taking care of Nishka and while working.

But while I had this bragging right, I was slowly losing my sanity.

So I had to let it go, I accepted the fact that I couldn’t do everything alone and hired help.

Now, I am more focused with work. I’m back on my feet, I no longer feel dread or anxious or depressed. I feel happier because I have delegated the household chores to our helper which has incredibly made me feel lighter.

I have more time for Nishka, for myself and for my partner. Also, I’m venturing on a new business, and on the road to becoming a licensed breastfeeding peer counselor. 😊


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