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Anyone who knows Mark knows how much of a smoker he is. I didn’t mind it at first but when Nishka became a part of the picture, his smoking habits were brought to the table every time our conversation was about our baby girl.

I forced him to make me a promise that by the time he turns 30, he should quit smoking. It wasn’t a serious conversation really, we talked in a joking manner. Since then I would constantly remind him about his promise and he would always respond with, “That was just a joke, ga.” From then on, I knew that the idea of him quitting was nothing but an idea.

But just a few weeks ago, a miracle happened. He started vaping and slowly, he minimized his cigarette consumption! I was skeptical at first, he kept talking endlessly about vaping and all that. I heard him, but I wasn’t really listening.

And then one day he told me he hadn’t smoke a cigarette for the whole day. Now THAT got my attention. Because imagine this, Mark’s cigarette intake is almost one pack a day. He smokes up to 15 cigarettes daily. From 15 cigarettes down to zero! And all of that happened in less than a month, three weeks to be exact!

So I started listening to his success story (lol), and I started admiring him and went all googly eyes on him every time he talks about it! I was supporting him all the way! And by supporting him means buying his vape kit, a new atty, and his vape tools. A little bit pricey, but if that’s what it takes for him to quit smoking, shut up and take my money then.

What fascinated me the most is that his motivation was internal. It wasn’t because I (kinda) nagged him about it, rather it was his decision to finally, finally stop smoking.

And it makes me sooooooooooooo happy!

If you read this ga, which I know you will, I love you. Let’s go buy that avocado whatever!


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