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This might come as a shock to everyone, especially to those that I’ve already tapped and asked for help for the preparation. But Mark and I decided not to throw Nishka a birthday party.

As an excited first time mom, I’ve been planning Nishka’s first birthday for months. I’ve carefully selected the perfect theme for her, the perfect venue, the perfect cake and the perfect outfit.

For the past week, I’ve been calculating the budget needed for the perfect birthday party for my daughter, and it totaled to a whooping 20, 000 pesos.

What. The. Fuck.

This might be a small amount to some, but as a new couple with a budding family, that amount is better allocated somewhere else.

And that’s not even what blew me off course, it was the fact that Nishka wouldn’t even have the slightest idea that we threw her the grandest party ever.

In other words, we will be spending our hard-earned money to feed and entertain people. I’m sorry for being blunt, but isn’t that the truth? And where is Nishka in all of this? She’ll probably be sleeping soundly in her stroller, couldn’t care less about the fact that everyone’s celebrating her birthday.

Last night, Mark said something which validated my decision even more. He said, “Throwing a birthday party is just a norm. We pressure ourselves to save a huge amount of money just so we can throw her a party. We throw a party for the sake of everyone that’s expecting us to throw a party. Nishka wouldn’t even understand it yet.”

Will Nishka be happy if we throw her a party? Probably yes. But she can be as happy just by playing with plastic, an empty water bottle and her Intellicare bear.

To be honest, the idea of not throwing a party had made me feel terrible at first. I’ve already pinned so many ideas on Pinterest, I’ve already contacted caterers, entertainers and I’ve already checked the venue out. But I later realize that it was rather about me instead of Nishka. It was about me not being able to let people see how great of a party host I am, how awesome my party ideas are and all that.

I took a deep breath, let all of it go and planned for a vacation instead.

For her first birthday, we are taking her on a trip instead, take her to new places she hasn’t been to before. Instead of spending that money for a party, we are going to use that money for vacation. She’s going to experience her first airplane ride, let her swim on a beach and many more adventures. Basically, let her experience the world which will open up her curiosity and make her understand the things around her better.

Now that’s something I’ll gladly spend my money on!

Are we never ever going to throw a party for her? Of course not! We will, when she’s old enough to understand that it’s her birthday and everyone’s celebrating it with her.

But of course, gifts are still welcome! I’m looking at ya ninangs and ninongs 😉

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