The photo looked almost perfect. With just one look, one would assume I have everything I need to take perfect photos. But there’s something missing. Read on to find out.

As a mom blogger, it is important to document one’s travel. Aside from Nishka’s travel essentials, I also make sure to bring what I call the “photo op travel essentials.” (I actually bring more than just the essentials for Nishka, and always end up forgetting something important for me and my partner, such as our undies, toothbrushes and deodorants! Haha!) The reason why is because I always share our trips on my social media accounts and now that I have a blog, I am going to share it in here too. But most importantly, the main reason why I bring the “photo op travel essentials” is to capture every moment that will one day turn into wonderful memories.

Before we go to a certain place to spend our vacation, we make sure it’s baby-friendly. We try to get to know the destination as much as possible before deciding whether it’s worth going to or not (part of considering the place is to see if it’s Instagram-worthy. LOL!) Once we’ve chosen the perfect family getaway, we create a checklist for things to bring. I am going to share Nishka’s travel essentials on a separate post soon, for this blog post, I am going to talk about our family’s “photo op travel essentials.”

Photo Op Travel Essentials

  • Nikon D5100 – We use the DSLR for “official photo ops”. I use the high-res images for my blog and social media profile pictures.
  • GoPro Hero Session – We use the action cam for the action shots, of course! Especially when we go to the beach or the pool, basically anything wet. We haven’t tried going on an adventure like going on a hike because it’s just not possible with Nishka right now.
  • Yunteng Monopod – We use it with our GoPro Hero Session, but will be replacing it with a waterproof monopod soon, as our monopod is getting rusty already.
  • Toshiba Laptop – We take A LOT of photos and our memory cards get full right away. So we transfer it immediately on my laptop to make room for more picture-taking sessions!
  • iPhone 5 – Aside from the “official photo ops” I also want to capture candid moments. And to be honest, my phone is a little bit outdated already. Selfie pictures are so grainy and as much as I wanted to share it on my Instagram, I end up not doing so because the quality is just too low.

I’ve been really considering upgrading my phone and I’ve been really thinking about switching to Android all because of OPPO F1s.

Here are the reasons why I am choosing to buy this phone among all others.

  • I can still look beautiful even though I practically haven’t slept in 48 years. Seriously though, with OPPO F1s’ Beautify 4.0 feature, it can capture the best, naturally-looking selfie. With this feature alone, I am sold.
  • Wider selfie. Perfect for group photos! Save the hustle of switching to the back camera!
  • 3 GB Ram. I’m all about the RAM. When I edit photos, I use 4-5 apps. Right now, I always get pissed off when I edit because it takes a couple of seconds to switch from one app to another and it’s eating too much of my time (which you don’t have a lot of if you’re a mom.)
  • Dual-sim. YAAS, so perfect. I have a small business and I currently use two cellphones, one is for personal use and the other is for my business so dual-sim will be the answer to this problem.
  • So aesthetic, much wow. This phone looks so sophisticated! I love the design so much whenever I go to a mall I would always visit an OPPO store and just grab hold of OPPO F1s because it’s just that beautiful. I love looking at it when it’s on my hands, they look so good together they should be in a relationship.

This phone is so perfect I kept thinking it was personally made for me. I couldn’t wait to take this baby home (as soon as I save enough money for it, that is). Luckily with all these wonderful shizzle about OPPO F1s, it only costs around P12,990. I have been saving for an iPhone upgrade but when I got to know this phone and what it has to offer, it totally changed my mind and will purchase this instead. It has almost a better specs than an iPhone 6 but with a lower cost, so yes, I am definitely choosing this over Apple!

BRB, drooling.

This blog post is an entry for Nuffnang’s OPPO F1s: Travel Essentials.

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