Me and my partner literally had never went on a date since Nishka was born, all of our focus had been on her. As first time parents, family life can be overwhelming. We both agreed we needed a break. So lately, we’ve been talking about spending time with each other, just the two of us, especially this coming Valentine’s day.

I’m a cheesy romantic, and I’ve been dreaming about my perfect Valentine dream date ever since, and I want to make it happen this year. I want this year’s Valentine’s to be special, because it’s our first Valentine date as parents. It’s either we go big, or we go home.

I’ve been eyeing this particular place just a couple of minutes away from our city. It’s the perfect romantic spot for couples. The place is Punong Gary’s Place in Silay City.

My ideal Valentine’s dream date would consist of a lovely candlelit dinner, no light except for the candles all around us and the setting sun. While we’re enjoying our dinner, we will listen to a heart-warming serenade which’ll make the both of us nostalgic and remember the good times. After dinner, we will then go for a romantic walk around the restaurant.

The wonderful scenery in Punong Gary’s calls for a photo shoot! As parents, going on a date without bringing Nishka comes once in a blue moon. Better take as many photos as we can! The OPPO F1s’s 13 MP camera is perfect for taking wonderful night shots. I also want to capture the surroundings on our selfies without taking away the beauty of it. That’s why the selfie panorama is the perfect feature! We can take selfies with the whole splendor of the place. No need to worry in taking selfies and cutting parts of the view!

This blog post is an entry for Nuffnang’s OPPO F1s: Valentine’s Dream Date Blog Contest.

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