Why I Got Rid of Nishka’s Walker

In this post, I share the accident Nishka had and why I got rid of the baby walker for good. It was on a Monday. Mark left to buy something, I was in the bedroom while Nishka was on her walker in the living room. Then all of a sudden, I hear a loud thud and I […]

7 Mar 2017


Breastfeeding Day by Day: Day 5 and Beyond

Yehey! Your baby is about to turn a week old! Advance happy weeksary mommy! By now I’m assuming you and baby are settled already. Observe your little one’s behavior so you both can be on a schedule. Honestly though in my experience, Nishka never followed a schedule even until now! Hahaha. Sometimes she wakes up […]

7 Mar 2017


Breastfeeding Day by Day: Day Four

Hi there, super woMOM! I am praying your little one is thriving! And I hope by now you already have an increase in your milk supply. If yes, then you may be complaining about how full and tender your breasts are. That’s right, when God showers us with blessings, it can be overflowing! But if […]

6 Mar 2017


Breastfeeding Day by Day: Day Three

  Hey, mommy! I just want to let you know that you are doing a great job! If it feels overwhelming right now, just take a deep breath and if you can spare some time to take a good long rest, do it. Don’t do everything yourself, you might want to exclusively take care of […]

24 Feb 2017


Breastfeeding Day by Day: Day Two

Hi there, mommy! How are you holding up so far? For today I talk about what changes to expect in your body and what to expect from your baby on the second day of your breastfeeding journey. I’m hoping by now you are well-rested and have eaten already. For the second day, some babies, especially males, are fussy […]

17 Feb 2017

Contest Entry

OPPO F1s: Valentine’s Dream Date

Me and my partner literally had never went on a date since Nishka was born, all of our focus had been on her. As first time parents, family life can be overwhelming. We both agreed we needed a break. So lately, we’ve been talking about spending time with each other, just the two of us, especially […]

13 Feb 2017


Breastfeeding Day by Day: Day One

Hello there, mommy (or soon to be!) In this blog post, I share about what to expect on the first day of your breastfeeding journey. It’s a lot to take in, and yes it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed. You just gave birth and you haven’t really recovered yet, your body seems to be aching […]

10 Feb 2017

Contest Entry

OPPO F1s: Travel Essentials

    The photo looked almost perfect. With just one look, one would assume I have everything I need to take perfect photos. But there’s something missing. Read on to find out. As a mom blogger, it is important to document one’s travel. Aside from Nishka’s travel essentials, I also make sure to bring what I […]

5 Feb 2017