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  • Lately I’ve been feeling ungrateful with my life. I look at how my friends are living their lives and I feel like I’m left behind. I badly want to achieve more career-wise, I want to earn more but I know I couldn’t get anymore clients because I have a toddler to take care of. I couldn’t work on growing my career because of Nishka. It’s hard to look at my life and be thankful. 😩
But right now, as I lay in bed beside Nishka I am reminded how wonderful my life is. Despite the setbacks with my career, business and myself — I am blessed to be given a daughter who gives me drive and determination to make our lives better — something I didn’t have when I was younger. It’s because of her I’m feeling bummed because it’s also because of her that I wanted to become the best version of myself. Because of her, for her. I love you Nishka, you alone are enough to make me feel the luckiest person alive (okay, kag si Daddy pa gid ah. Duwa kamo. 😅)
  • Baby I won’t spoil you with material things but I will spoil you with meaningful experiences. 😊
  • Self-love. ❤️
. impossible to attain sometimes.
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  • Paddle board because why not. 😎
  • Everything I went through to get you out of my womb safely, and this is how you repay me? Inubos mo gid kopya tanan kay Daddy mo? 😩
  • One of life’s great pleasures — spending quaity time with your little one. 😊
  • Forever you and me. ❤️

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